WWE Star Brock Lesnar’s Red-Faced Expression Has Become A Hilariously Relatable Meme ????

Wrestler Brock Lesnar has become a hilarious new meme after a dramatic evening at WWE’s Royal Rumble.

The 41-year-old former UFC star defended his Universal title in the event at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, but from the strained look on Lesnar’s face, challenger Finn Balor didn’t make it easy for him.

Balor went on to tap out and concede the match, but not before Twitter users put the image of Lesnar’s face to good use.

Here are the best interpretations people have come up with for what the image illustrates.

1. Pain

2. Fear

3. Excitement

4. Shock

5. Boredom

6. Inspiration

7. Horror

8. Disappointment

9. Stress

There were still more to choose from.

Elsewhere in the Royal Rumble, Ronda Rousey retained her Raw women’s championship with victory by submission over Sasha Banks, while Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins each earned the opportunity of championship contests at WrestleMania with wins.

However, for us, Lesnar’s face was the highlight of the night.