A Guy’s Dishwasher Overflowed, So He Turned His Reaction Into An Incredible Autotuned Music Video

If you find a giant mess in the kitchen what’s your first reaction? Stop it from getting worse? Maybe panic?

Have you considered autotune?

Twitter user Ali (@AliGriffin_) shared with the internet what her brother did, and it’s got the internet jammin’.

Ali’s brother, Liam entered his kitchen to find the dishwasher was leaking soap suds everywhere. He had put regular dish soap in the machine, which some of you may remember as a popular plot point in The Brady Bunch and other madcap comedies(Spoiler alert: it never ends well. Don’t do it.)

After finding out why you should never use regular soap in a dishwasher, the young man had a choice. Does he freak out and start figuring out how to fix his mess?

Or does he do the #relatable thing and share his misfortune?

Liam took video of his reaction to the massive mess. That alone could have been funny enough. However, he took it one step further.

Using the app Voloco, Liam autotuned his voice into a groovy melody. The resulting video is surreal and a great example of Gen Z’s humor.

His sister uploaded the video to Twitter where it has over seven million views.

The fact the resulting song is an absolute bop probably helps.

Ali has been fielding questions about the video’s author, and encouraged people to follow him on his Instagram.

The song has proven so popular, it’s got its own remix.

It’s the wholesome, quality content we deserve

Who know what lies in store for Liam, but we hope Ali shares more of his misadventures with us when they happen.