Guy Gets A Break-Up Text Message From His Workout ‘Bro’ That Is Hilariously Brutal

Breakups are never easy. That includes breakups of all types. Sure, the end of a romance can be pretty hard, but I think we can all agree real heartbreak comes from the loss of a beloved workout bro.

Twitter user @ariella_skyler is there for her boyfriend in a time of extreme trauma after he received an unexpected text from his gym bro ending their time together. She shared emotional text with Twitter:

The bro’s absolutely brutal messages read:

“Hey bro, I’m gonna start going alone, I don’t get the same pumps with some of your workouts like I do alone, I was talking to the big black dude and it has a lot to do with the fact that we have different body types”

Fortunately, the bro managed to soften the blow with a follow-up text:

“And I’m just talking about chest and back workouts… arms legs and abs are always f***ing amazing with you.”

Twitter could feel the boyfriend’s pain and wished they could all be there for him.

There were a few Twitter users who made jokes and puns to mask their pain.

Losing a gym bro can throw your entire life out of whack!

There’s definitely going to be some romcoms and ice-cream binging in this boyfriend’s future.

The fact that their relationship ended over text probably didn’t help either.

But you know what, boyfriend of Ariella? If that gym bro doesn’t recognize how lucky he is to have you in his lifting-life, then he’s not worth your time.

Stay strong, gym bros! You’re worth it!