This Shady New Meme Spills All The Important Tea, And We Are Absolutely Living For It

The latest trend conquering your social feeds right now is the “Today’s Tea” meme, where people are venting about anything disagreeable in the world, or calling you out for your all of your lapses.

As Mashable pointed out, this is just a variation of the “Bunny Sign” meme that hawked a myriad of protestations until they hopped their way into obscurity.

For the tea meme, users employ a template consisting of brackets, forward slashes and backslashes, to create an image of a teacup and fill it to the brim with expressions of harsh realities we’re all too familiar with.

Got that bitter brew ready? Then it’s time to take a sip of some of the most bold-faced truths we’re too ashamed to admit.

However, don’t rush. While some of these audacious declarations are triumphant, others are scalding hot.

Ready for your wake up call?

This is steeped in resentment.

Ooh, snap!


Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Shhh, I won’t tell.

There were worthy attempts.

And the birth of yet another variation.


I’m sure some of these were hard to swallow, but I bet you were secretly thinking, “same,” amirite?