The Woman Who Snuck By Kirsten Gillibrand At Her Campaign Event To ‘Get Some Ranch’ Is Honestly All Of Us

In the midst of all the excitement leading up to the 2020 election, sometimes we just want some ranch.

For one Iowan woman, nobody, not even Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D – NY), was going to come between her and a helping of ranch dressing.

Gillibrand, who announced her exploratory committee for a potential candidacy to run for President in 2020, was speaking to supporters at the Airliner restaurant in Iowa City, IA, this week when 22-year-old college student Hanna Kinney interrupted the senator and squeezed past her for the creamy condiment, because priorities.

CNN’s DJ Judd captured the awesome moment when Kinney apologized for interrupting.

“Sorry, I’m just trying to get some ranch,” said the student.

Kinney was leading a Bible study group on the second floor of the restaurant when she went on Operation: Ranch to the first floor where Gillibrand was holding court.

The posted video became an instant viral sensation that left many feeling “same.”

Will the mystery ranch girl please come forward?

Since Kinney made America ranch again with this huge endorsement, she became forever known as “Ranch Girl.” She’s proudly adopted the nickname and changed her handle on Twitter to “Hanna Kinney (Ranch Girl).”

Of her sudden online fame, Kinney simply stated,:

“The only political comment I will make at this time is that @TheAirlinerBar’s ranch is amazing.”

So the ranch brand was confirmed.

“I love it, and sometimes they bring it up to us and sometimes they don’t,” Kinney said of the establishment’s goopy elixir intended for drizzling over the pizzas at the weekly Bible study group.

“It’s one of those restaurants that make it homemade, which is very common in Iowa, to be honest.”

She clarified to the Intelligencer that she didn’t “snub” Gillibrand despite articles claiming she rudely interrupted the NY senator.

“My friends have been joking like, ‘Yes, Hanna was finally recognized for the deed she has always done for our people.’  The funny thing is I was just trying to get to the back quietly and a lot of articles have said ‘person snubs political candidate’ and I honestly wasn’t trying to snub her. I was pushing through people in the nicest way possible. ’Cause you know, ‘Iowa nice.'”

Ranch brings the country together.

When asked if Kinney managed to catch anything the senator spoke about, the student said, “I was a girl on a mission. Tunnel vision.”

But it wasn’t an easy mission. She added:

“It was also a little overwhelming. I’m only five-foot-two, so I’m shorter than most people. You can see in the video I’m just trying to wiggle my way through.”

Sounds like all of us trying to get by on the obstacle-laden path to 2020, right now.