A New ‘Microwave Challenge’ Is Taking Over TikTok, And It’s Impressively Trippy

There are all sorts of viral challenges out there, though thankfully, the latest one to take the internet by storm is completely harmless, unlike anything that requires you to  lock yourself in somewhere or wallow something or run alongside a moving car.

Have you ever just watched your food slowly spin its way around and around in the microwave until it’s ready to eat? My mother used to tell me that doing that would ruin my eyes.  But that’s the inspiration for the latest viral challenge out of TikTok, the short video hosting service.

The challenge began once user @djtaylortot uploaded a video set to a song by Japanese music artist Joji called “Slow Dancing in the Dark.” The video showed him seated, slowly spinning on the ground… sort of like food in a microwave, right?

The video quickly went viral and amassed hundreds of tens of thousands of views:

And a viral challenge was born. People soon began to upload videos of themselves doing the same thing, all of them set to the same song.

Check out this one:


And this one:


And this one, which incorporates an entire kitchen, particularly the kitchen counter:


Here’s a dude in a public space:


How do they make that spinning look so effortless?!


There’s even a tutorial!


Even young kids are getting in on the action!


And where would we be without our compilation videos?


It could be worse, right? Rank this one among the more innocent challenges. We just want to know how you’re spinning like that without someone guiding you. Share some of that talent with us, thanks!