Badass Woman Isn’t Having Any Of This Bully Beating Up A Drunk Guy—So She Knocks Him Out With A Single Punch

Guys, listen to me… people who work at late-night spots like convenience stores, late-night gas stations or food spots, bars, etc. are not here for your drunken shenanigans. They just want to run a business. If you mess with that, don’t be surprised if they mess with you. Especially if you’re in Russia.

One unknown female store clerk in Russia is taking the internet by storm right now thanks to a video of her shutting a customer’s bullying shenanigans down with a perfectly placed punch.

The video is short, only 28 seconds long… but guys; 28 seconds is all Heather Hammerfists over here needed.

Check it out:

The surveillance footage opens with men waiting in line near some refrigerated drink coolers. One man is at the register. Another, in an orangey-brown coat, is standing behind him. But it’s the two men in the back who are the center of the action, though.

The bald man in the grey coat seems to be having a blast bouncing the other man off of the cooler. The other man appears to be inebriated or altered in some way, and it’s preventing him from being able to fight back.

His head gets hit over, and over, and over… 



The first man in line does nothing, he’s too focused on the bottle he’s buying. The second man turns around and with one hand lazily tries to break up the encounter. But don’t worry, our probably-drunk friend is not going to go unprotected.

If you’re not looking for her, you might miss the clerk in the beginning of the video. Look down in the bottom left corner — she’s right there behind the counter. When she sees the assault happening, she speeds out from behind the counter, passing the two other men in line. Heather Hammerfist pops back into frame bottom right and marches straight up to the bully. She pushes the two men apart, then hits the bully with a punch-punch-low kick combo like she’s going for extra points in Mortal Kombat.

Although the bully is far larger than she is, he seems taken aback by her strength, ferocity and fearlessness. Honestly, we are too. 




Customers 1 and 2 do exactly nothing. Drunk Guy seems to be cracking up through the fist-fest. Bully staggers backwards.

See, at this point in life he was faced with a little something we like to call…

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Option A: Reverse

The bully backs down, apologizes, makes a speedy retreat and exit. Advisable.


Option B: Neutral

The bully stops attacking, but doesn’t bother with an apology. He goes on his way with perhaps one more snarky comment, everyone thinks he’s trash. Less advisable, but still a reasonable option.


Option C: Drive

The bully keeps going, engaging the clerk who has already given him two reduced-power punches and a kick. Those two reduced-power punches already staggered the much-larger man and he’s got no back up in the group of people around him. Risky. Not the choice we would go with.


You guys can guess which one he chose, mostly because had he gone with A or B we wouldn’t be writing about it. Bully goes with option C. After his initial stumble, he rights himself and doubles down on being a jerk. He doesn’t go back to hitting Drunk Guy. Bully goes on the verbal offensive at Heather Hammerfists. If you were wondering why we gave her that nickname, you’re about to find out.

He keeps talking trash and at the 12 second mark, he leans in suddenly. We don’t know if he literally spits on her, or just leans in to spit an insult but that’s the movement we get visually. She doesn’t even flinch, you guys. She cocks her arm all the way back (those earlier punches that staggered him weren’t “locked and loaded” like this punch was about to be) and drops the hammerfist down upon him.

She hits him so hard that she knocks him out. Her punch also glancingly touched Drunk Guy. It was so powerful that that whisper-touch was enough to stagger Drunk Guy, too!

2 men, 1 punch. 

Heather Hammerfists leaves the bully there on the floor and goes back behind the counter to continue checking out customers — starting with the two grown men in line who did nothing to stop Bully v Drunk Guy. Speaking of Drunk Guy, he recovers and stumbles his way to her, shaking her hand in thanks.

People LOVE this video, you guys. LOVE.


So now we want to know, what’s the most satisfying case of instant karma you’ve ever seen?