People Are Sharing What Their Moms’ Hilarious Campaign Slogans Would Be If They Decided To Run For President In 2020


We all want Donald Trump out of office in 2020.  And we will take anybody else.

Literally anybody.  Even your mom.  We are pretty sure she’d be a far better candidate.

Gavin Purcell, a writer and producer known for his work on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, posted a tweet encouraging people to imagine what it would be like if their moms were running for office:

And so, the internet obliged.

We saw a lot of phrases our own moms would impart:

And then, of course, some familiar instances.

Such as when she calls you every name in the house but your own:

Or the guilt trip:

And the Democratic-party-planning:

And the stubborn parent-isms:

It really makes us wonder, what would our own moms say in the wake of a potential presidency?

American moms are apparently a universal experience.

I would vote for your mom.  Tell her to run.