This Little Girl’s Excited Reaction To Finally Stacking Her Cups Correctly Is Everything

Humanity’s greatest achievements begin in the humblest of places.

Though geniuses like Einstein and Newton never referenced their first major achievement, it was almost surely similar to the one @_mommanat posted her daughter performing in a recent viral tweet.

Watch this great moment in history (or at least in adorableness) here.

That’s right, 2-year-old Clarissa absolutely nailed stacking those differently-sized cups!

When she finally gets it right, she goes wild with a dance of celebration!

This victory is especially sweet for Clarissa who, according to her mother:

“is 2 and is a little behind on certain things so she’s had therapy for a few months.”

Twitter couldn’t have been more supportive of Clarissa’s accomplishments.

As Clarissa finally managed to stack the cups in the correct order, thousands of Twitter users were celebrating right alongside her.

If anyone deserves to celebrate, it’s her!

Several celebrities also sounded off on the video, expressing how proud they were of the 2-year-old.

In a follow-up to the original vid, @_mommanat also posted a video of Clarissa successfully matching several colors and shapes.

Go, Clarissa, go!

Clarissa’s hard work seems even more impressive when compared to some other children’s results. 

Well done, Clarissa, your hard work has earned a place in all our hearts.