Woman Savages Post That Praises ‘Hustling’ On Weekends And We Couldn’t Agree More

Author, CEO and prominent LinkedIn user Trish Bertuzzi is drawing attention for her criticism of praise given to workers who hustle on the weekend.

Bertuzzi argued on LinkedIn that working moms hustle seven days a week, yet rarely get the same credit as so-called “weekend grinders.”

Tired of moms not being recognized as true hustlers, she went on to say:

“Moms hustle taking the kids to sports activities, cooking and cleaning, doing laundry, taking the dog for a walk… whatever. Now THAT shit is hustling.”

People on social media applauded the clapback against “hustle culture.” 

Trish Bertuzzi/LinkedIn


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with working on the weekend. If you have a second job, chances are you work on the weekend.

But Bertuzzi wants to make sure parents are getting their due credit and respect as “hustlers” for driving to soccer games and cooking three meals a day.

Bertuzzi later amended her posts to give all the dads out there credit as well.

Many on LinkedIn responded positively to the empowering message for working parents.





But some defended their right to push themselves and hustle on the weekends.





People continue to debate the ethics of “hustle culture” on other platforms like Twitter. 

Truth be told, “hustling” is somewhat of a clichéd term on LinkedIn.

The concept of ‘hustling’ itself remains totally controversial.

We’re all trying to get ahead in our career, but it’s unhealthy to put the grind ahead of your mental or physical health.

And if you’re a working parent who prioritizes their kids on the weekend, pat yourself on the back for being a true hustler.