Jennifer Garner’s Daylight Savings Post Has Parents Everywhere Relating Hard

If you live somewhere that recognizes Daylight Savings time, you’re probably mid-struggle these days. Kids don’t want to go to bed on time, nobody wants to get up with their alarm because it’s still dark…even the dog catches an attitude when you try to take it out for morning walks… we feel you.

How many cups of coffee have you had today and are they working? We just want to make sure you’re okay. While you’re sitting around googling how to move to someplace that doesn’t acknowledge daylight savings time, take solace in the fact that it’s not just you.

Jennifer Garner is right there with you. She posted not one, not two, but six images showing the world exactly how she feels about daylight savings time.


She arranged the pictures into a photogrid giving us the many faces of Jennifer Garner’s exhaustion. Daylight savings time is rough on even the most privileged among us, fam. We’re all a mess.

If you’re staring at the grid trying to decide which Jennifer is your Daylight Savings 2k19 mood, congrats! You just joined the internet’s current favorite game. People were absolutely feeling Jen’s mood.

We’re over here in the office playing Daylight Savings Jen bingo. More than one of us are close to a full-card.








Which Daylight Savings Jen is really speaking to your soul right now? Let us know in the comments!