This Checklist Of Things Women Should Be Doing By Age 35 Is Hilariously Spot On

We’re all more similar than we realize.

As humans move forward in their lives, they pass many of the same checkpoints and accumulate many of the same behaviors.

No one knows this better than Twitter user Anne Thériault (@anne_theriault), who posted a list of things every woman should do by the age of 35.

Her list rang eerily true with many women (and some men) online!

Immediately, others began contributing to the list, painting an extensively detailed picture of what it means to be 35 and female.

35 doesn’t get a lot of glamour, but it bears many meaningful distinctions.

Twitter users could confirm the list was accurate. 

It seems we’re all more like our parents than we thought.

People were especially delighted by Anne’s use of the phrase “Library of Sighs.”

You get extra points if you act like a 35-year-old a few years early.

And what about the men?

How do they play into the equation?

We’re pretty sure Anne’s list should be hanging in a museum of psychology, where those who study the human mind can learn from it for generations to come.