Teen’s Emotional Breakdown Video Is Totally Ruined By Someone Taking The Most Violent Sh*t

High school is rough. There’s a lot of pressure, social lives are an absolute category 4 super-storm, and our changing bodies and brains seem to be constantly fighting with one another. Be honest, almost all of us who are done with high school would never ever go back.

Meet Fabbiha. She’s an 18-year-old high school student who was having a super rough day. 

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She needed to collect herself, so she excused herself to the school’s bathroom to have a cry, breathe it out, and re-center.

We’ve all been there, Fab.

While she was locked away in her stall, she noted the person next to her was also having a really bad day —for an entirely different reason. Remember when we said that our bodies sometimes seemed to be fighting with us back in high school? Yeah… this is a perfect example.

As hormone levels change, so does the way your body reacts to food, stress, life, your menstrual cycle — like literally anything.

So there was Fabbiha locked in one stall having an emotional breakdown while the person next to her was having a full-on gastrointestinal breakdown. Fabbiha whipped out her phone to record this perfect microcosm of high school life. It’s seven seconds of some of the most relatable and embarrassing literal sh*t we have ever witnessed. It’s like a short art film.

Turn your volume up and behold: High School.  


As the video started to gain traction (not something she expected, so she initially deleted her Twitter, then decided to just switch it to a private account), it fell into the timeline of Twitter user @visitkingdoms. That’s when things really got interesting.

See, they had been on the other side of a similar situation a few months before and thought the contrast was hilarious. So they grabbed their old tweet and paired it with Fabbiha’s to give us this gift.

Two sides… 


Things really “exploded” from there. Yup. That was a poop pun.

Hang in there, Fabbiha and the mystery pooper. Things get better after high school.

At least when you’re older you can have most of your breakdowns (be they emotional or intestinal) in private.

And sometimes, life IS just sh*t, and you have to let it go.