Comedian Makes A Genius Pamphlet For Her Prying Family Members To Prepare Them For Her Upcoming Date

To everyone out there with a family that asks way too many personal questions (like me), allow us to introduce you to comedian Mary Beth Barone. She has come up with one of the best ways to deal with nosy family members that we have ever seen.

A pamphlet. You read that correctly — a pamphlet. It’s pure simple, assertive genius.

Mary met a guy she wanted to get to know better. They met at a friend’s wedding in North Carolina, but alas, the gentleman lived in Florida. Mary lives in New York.

Problem? Nope! It just so happened that she had a family vacation to Florida planned. She could absolutely go see him and have an official date while she was there.

Except that by “family vacation” we don’t just mean her, a sibling or two, and her parents. Mary was going to be traveling with somewhere between 20 and 30 people — all of whom ask a whole lot of questions.

So she needed a way to get her hands on the rental car, and have some privacy for her date. She could lie, she could try to sneak (which… seriously… if you have a big family, you know it’s literally impossible, don’t even bother wasting your energy), or she could lean into it and pull the assertive move and run the “preventative overshare” play.

She went with option three, gathered all of her creativity and extra-ness and printed out about 15 copies of a pamphlet she brilliantly titled “I’m Going on a Date While We’re on Vacation: Here’s everything you don’t actually need to know but will definitely ask” 

We don’t know if a pamphlet is eligible for a Pulitzer, but if it is… someone put this woman’s name in the running. 


She passed out copies to a few family members, who of course informed the rest — and believe it or not, the plan worked! How, you ask?

According to Mary, it was all in the timing. 

“I was strategic, I passed it out merely hours before my departure. So no time for them to bug me!”


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She got the rental car, went on her date, and mostly avoided a whole bunch of questions about how it went. The guy ended up ghosting her after their date (which is so 2017. Can we get it together people?), but it didn’t matter. Her pamphlet plan had been a success.

So she shared it on Twitter.

Twitter, in turn, fell in love with the scheme.


Mary Beth and her pamphlet have truly changed the game when it comes to dealing with nosy family. Truly she is a visionary. I smell a business opportunity here; anyone want to make a “stop asking when I’m getting married” pamphlet for my next family gathering?