Someone Modified A Roomba To Shout Profanities When It Runs Into Something, And Please Take All Our Money

Programmer and YouTube star Michael Reeves is a certified genius as far as Twitter is concerned. At his fans request, he modified a Roomba floor cleaner to shout profanities whenever it bumps into anything. According to Reeves, the idea was to make his Roomba a little bit more “human” and less “robotic” — even though it’s literally a robot.

By “at the request of his fans,” we mean viewers of his YouTube channel would literally not stop asking for a screaming Roomba. They were even asking for it in the comments of totally unrelated videos!

He knew he needed to give the people what they wanted, so he put his other projects on pause and devoted his time to Roomba-related ridiculousness.

It took a lot of re-wiring: 

Michael Reeves / YouTube Screenshot


But the end result was a Roomba that could be programmed with any voice he wanted to scream anything he wanted when it experienced any sort of impact. He tried a variety of screams, voices, and expletives before landing on what he considers to be his “final prototype.”

The testing was awkward and awesome — exactly what you’d expect from a programmer who was building a robot designed to shriek in “pain.”

Of course, he shared a brief video of it on Twitter.


Twitter — honestly — thought this was glorious. It’s absolutely one of those things you never knew you needed. 


Unfortunately, the modified Roomba isn’t available for purchase, but now that you all know the modifications can be done we’re positive one of you creative geniuses will get right on it. (This book by Extreme Tech on Hacking Roomba might even come in handy!)

If you’re interested in seeing how he did it — or just watching several minutes of hilariously awkward “testing” – check out his YouTube video about it!