This Supercut Of The Cast Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Awkwardly Talking About Season 8 Tells You Everything You Need To Know

Game of Thrones Season 8 isn’t living up to the hype.

But it’s not just fanboys who feel it…even the cast seems disappointed with the series’ final episodes. A viral YouTube video making the rounds highlights a bunch of adorably awkward moments of GoT actors throwing shade on Season 8. One clip seems to reveal what Peter Dinklage really feels about the controversial “Battle of Ice and Fire.”

Look! Even the cast agrees something’s weird about Game of Thrones this season.

Emilia Clarke (who plays Daenerys Targaryen) also told Vanity Fair that filming her character’s ending “messed with her,” but not in a good way.

Kit Harington also cast doubt on the final season by “jokingly” calling the final season “disappointing” before halfheartedly changing his answer to “epic.”

Game of Thrones fans can’t help but relate to the pained reactions of the cast. 

But others are defending Season 8’s writing and character arcs.

There’s still plenty of debate (and downright resentment) over Season 8, though. 

Hardcore fans of the series aren’t jumping ship, though.

Whenever you’ve got a mega-popular show, fans are gonna have bitter disagreements over the plot and character arcs.

But it’s unusual for the actors to openly question a show’s writing. You can hear the scorn in Peter Dinklage’s voice when he calls his own character “not that smart” for hiding people from The Night King in a crypt.  🤦