Indiana Candle Company Makes Scents Inspired By Places, And Their Candle For Ohio Is The Sickest Burn

Considering they’re called the “United” States, they sure do enjoy making fun of each other. Washington and Oregon compete to be the most hipster.

States with similar ‘North’ and ‘South’ names obviously have a rivalry. Don’t get us started on Virginia and their Western neighbor.

And it seems Indiana has something against their neighbor Ohio.

An Indiana candle company has taken their own pot shot against the midwestern state in their series of candles whose scents are inspired by different locations.



Yep: “Unscented.” 



But it doesn’t end there.




“Not much to see. Not much to do. Welcome to Ohio, the unscented candle.”

Twitter user Anna Sun’s tweet went viral after she found the candle. She shared the photos online drawing a lot of comments.

Mostly, people found it really funny.

The owner of the candle company, Derek Taylor, was amazed at the response. He has said it’s been overall positive with only a few people taking real offense.

“99.9% of people have been positive about the candle, but there are a couple of random people that are passionate about their love for Ohio, as they should be.”

While he doesn’t comment on it directly, I’m sure he’s very happy that people have been asking about where to get this candle.

While the Ohio scent is funny, it’s obviously not how Taylor feels about the entire state. Cincinnati has its own candle that smells of Oakmoss and Amber.

Its description says,

“With both an urban energy and southern charm, Cincinnati has a vibrant and unique culture that flows proudly from the Ohio River.”

Good luck getting very offended Ohioans to understand, though.

Of course, with Ohio getting a joke scent, people have started wondering, what does your state smell like?

The Simple Nature candles imagine Georgia to smell like peaches and vanilla, or Denver smells like black currant, amber and absinthe.

As an Arizona native, whatever combination you include has to have creosote, the plant that gives us our unique smell of rain.

But not all ideas need to be so classy. Sometimes, you need to laugh at where you live.

You can get the candles on the Simple Nature website, with most going for $15.95. They are made from soy wax and are paraffin free.

If you’re from Ohio and want a nicer candle to commemorate your state, I’d recommend the Cincinnati smell.