Here Are The Best Reactions To The Mind-Boggling Nightmare That Is The ‘Cats’ Trailer

The highly-anticipated trailer for the Cats movie just dropped on Thursday, and the reactions were decidedly mixed.

Some diehard Cats fans were delighted while others were downright (and understandably) terrified.

When the original Andrew Lloyd Webber musical opened in London in 1981, and subsequently on Broadway in 1982, audiences had never seen anything like it before. The show went on to break records as it ran for 18 years on Broadway and 21 years on London’s West End, eventually closing in 2002.

A film recording the live Broadway show, available here, was released with a commemorative edition released in 2000.

A short-lived Broadway revival in 2016 failed to live up to expectations, running for just 6 months, as people realized that maybe Cats had sort of exhausted its nine lives.

But that didn’t stop director Tom Hooper (Les Misérables) from assembling a star-studded cast with the likes of Taylor Swift, James Corden, and Dame Judi Dench to bring the musical sensation to the big screen in a whole new way.

See for yourself:

There’s enough nightmare fuel in there to scar a child or full-grown adult for a lifetime.

And Twitter had plenty to say about it.

A lot of people thought that the cats just look…off…

Other pop culture cat references started creeping in as people tried to process what they just watched.

So if you feel like scarring your children this Christmas, Cats opens in theaters on December 20.

If you can even get them to go, that is.