Some Young Person Mistook The Save Icon In Microsoft Excel For A Vending Machine

The save icon in Microsoft Office has not changed in 20 years.

Y’all remember this thing?

It’s called a “floppy disk” for all my Gen Zers who were born after the flash drive had replaced it:

That is the “save” icon on Microsoft Office.

Floppy disks were able to save your data on a mobile source so you could take information from computer to computer.

It was very cutting edge in 1985.

A Japanese user was very confused by this icon, thinking it was a vending machine.

They asked:


“Why is the save icon on Microsoft Excel a vending machine with a beverage dispensed?”

Oh honey.

Oh honey no.


We really do feel old.  It’s been so long since floppy disks were used regularly.

Floppy disks began being phased out in 1998.  That means most of us millennials were near ten years old, and our parents probably still think floppy disks are the way to go.

But anybody younger than us just has no idea.

Do we think that anybody from this generation remembers cassettes or VHS?

We wonder if technological history will ever be incorporated in schools, or if we will forever be doomed to remember a brief period in technology’s history that only we were truly subject to.

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