Guy Gets Mocked After Asking His Girlfriend If She Wants ‘Lemon Or Lime’ Tampons

Let’s have a moment of honesty here; the “feminine hygiene” aisle can be daunting even for those of us who own menstruating uteruses. Uteri? What’s the correct plural of uterus, anyway?

The sheer number of options is mind boggling. At most stores you can choose pads, tampons or menstrual cups – and then from each of those three categories you have a ton of options. The end result is a sheer wall of menstrual possibilities that leaves even the most experienced of us occasionally overwhelmed.

Knowing how confusing all the options can be for people who menstruate, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise when someone who doesn’t menstruate is left hopelessly lost. In fact, very few of us are actually shocked.

But every now and then, someone is so lost in the tampon-topia that they ask the sort of question that just makes you give a stunned slow blink like:

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Enter Lewis, Brogan Paget’s boyfriend. Like many a good and wonderful partner before him, he made a run to the store to get some tampons when his partner needed them. Thing is, he wasn’t sure exactly what kind she needed.

Again, not unusual.

Tampons come with different absorbencies, sizes, packaging, even scents – so those questions make sense to ask. They even make sense to ask a little awkwardly.

But in this case…poor Lewis was confronted with packaging that he interpreted as “lemon” and “lime” and asked Brogan which she wanted.



Oh dear.

Hopefully Lewis was just using a cheeky funny way of clarifying some seriously confusing tampon options – but Twitter isn’t so sure.



And that sparked a pretty legitimate conversation about how confusing tampons can really be. 

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But overall, people are big fans of Lewis. Whether he was joking or not didn’t matter in the end, because at least he was willing to go when so many men absolutely aren’t. 


And, of course, there were tips from people who have had similar experiences. 

A for effort, Lewis.