Girl Films Herself Asking Starbucks Barista For His Number Not Realizing He’s Gay, And It’s Awkward

Ladies, never assume all hot guys are straight.

A viral video posted by Reddit user jelly opens with a hot Starbucks barista greeting her with a wave and a toothsome smile.

At some point during their interaction, they high-five each other, and we are led to believe the transaction was either a smashing success or they went to the same alma mater.

Charmed by his affable nature and convinced of their brewing chemistry, the bold woman asked the dude for his digits by scribbling on a napkin.

“Can I have your number?”

Given her request was not something found on the menu, it was a tall order.

She filmed herself experiencing the dreadful pause with nervous anticipation.

Finally, the green-aproned hottie left his station and delivered his hand-written response with the painful truth.

“I’m gay…”

Well, at least she gave it a shot.

Why doesn’t this happen to me? from Unexpected

According to Pink News, her post generated 2,300 upvotes in one day.

The post made its way over to Twitter where it snagged 900,000 views in less than 24 hours.

The question remains, is he still available?

It’s a long waiting list.

Brewing a hot steamy joe is just one of his many talents.

The guy’s skills are endless.

Kudos for the woman’s grande-sized hutzpah.

They say nothing ventured, nothing gained, but do you have the guts to pull off what she did?

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