David Letterman’s Comments On Trump In Recent Interview Are Totally Brutal

Semi-retired talk show host David Letterman wants Democrats to quit whining about President Donald Trump. Letterman recently sat down with Willie Geist from Sunday Today and unloaded on the 45th President. But he also cautioned opponents of Trump to “stop yacking about what a goon he is” and settle things in the 2020 election. Letterman went … Continued


This Supercut Of The Cast Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Awkwardly Talking About Season 8 Tells You Everything You Need To Know

Game of Thrones Season 8 isn’t living up to the hype. But it’s not just fanboys who feel it…even the cast seems disappointed with the series’ final episodes. A viral YouTube video making the rounds highlights a bunch of adorably awkward moments of GoT actors throwing shade on Season 8. One clip seems to reveal … Continued


Man’s Emotional Viral Thread About The Loss Of His Dog Is Resonating With Everyone Who’s Said Goodbye To A Beloved Family Pet

Gregg Favre took to Twitter on May 10 to write an emotional Twitter thread eulogizing his dog Bella. Bella recently passed away. Twitter users rallied around Favre, offering him support and kind words during this difficult time. 11 yrs ago I rescued puppy while on duty at an #StL firehouse. Over the next decade+, we … Continued


Sex Toy Company Releases New Study About Masturbation In America—And People Are Really Feeling Themselves

Alright, all you people saying you “have no plans for the weekend…” Right. According to a new study, we know exactly what you got planned! You’re not fooling anyone: A slapping—sorry, whopping—84 percent of Americans are fiddling with their tidbits on a regular basis!   That’s according to the results of a survey sex toy company … Continued


People Are Filling Their Crocs With Shaving Cream For A Very Entertaining (And Satisfying) Reason

A new viral trend is sweeping across the internet, and it’s about as 2019 as it gets. Users on TikTok, a video sharing app for Android and iOS that’s similar to SnapChat, have been filling their Crocs with shaving cream and then jamming their feet into the holey shoes. Why? Because it’s apparently really satisfying. … Continued


Someone Modified A Roomba To Shout Profanities When It Runs Into Something, And Please Take All Our Money

Programmer and YouTube star Michael Reeves is a certified genius as far as Twitter is concerned. At his fans request, he modified a Roomba floor cleaner to shout profanities whenever it bumps into anything. According to Reeves, the idea was to make his Roomba a little bit more “human” and less “robotic” — even though … Continued


Victorian Women Were Once Asked ‘Why Are You A Spinster?’ And Their Responses Are Savage

Spinsters were the ‘crazy cat lady’ of the Victorian era — considered bonkers for refusing to marry. But historian Dr. Bob Nicholson recently shared a few savage quotes from women who actually preferred the single life, even in the nineteenth century. Their defiant words were printed in a humor magazine called ‘Tit-Bits’ in 1889, in … Continued


Little Girl Apparently Trained Her Bird To Attack Anyone She Screams At—And She Just Hilariously Notched Another Victim

Kids, man. Most of them are just cute little nuggets being cute and doing dumb stuff that makes us all chuckle, like “aww!” And then there are the ones that you THINK are just cute little nuggets but are actually secret evil geniuses. This story is about the latter. A gent on Twitter recently posted … Continued


The Cinematographer For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Just Blamed That Dimly-Lit Episode On People Not Knowing How Their TVs Work—And, Excuse Me?

If you had a difficult time seeing the Battle of Winterfell unfold on the latest episode of Game of Thrones because it was too dark, well, that’s on you. BEWARE of SPOILER ALERTS if you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode, “The Long Night.” Fans of HBO’s GoT took to social media with various reactions after Sunday’s … Continued


Muslim Woman Takes Bada$$ Photo In Front Of An Anti-Muslim Protest, And It’s Legendary AF

Shaymaa Ismaa’eel is a 24-year old Muslim woman living and working near Washington D.C. By all accounts, Shaymaa is funny, intelligent, kind and caring. She’s a behavioral therapist who specializes in working with children who have autism. Oh, and she’s the kind of fearless that may see her picture go down in history books. Say … Continued


A Caption Accompanying A Picture Of Cow Lying On Her Side Is Inspiring The F**k Out Of Twitter

It’s not often that we compare ourselves to cows, but when we do, it’s for good reasons. @transfilmtheory tweeted an inspiring picture from the Wikipedia page on cow tipping that states: “A healthy cow lying on her side is not immobilized; she can rise whenever she chooses.” That phrase struck the user as inspirational: She … Continued