James Blunt Just Found His Unlikely Female Doppelgänger, And Their Reactions Are Both Priceless

Science says the likelihood of us all having a doppelgänger somewhere is surprisingly high. But what are the odds of ever finding yours amongst the vast expanse of humanity? And the odds of them being the opposite gender and them just showing up on the telly and also the odds of you being famous Grammy-nominated … Continued


Reporter Loses It After He Can’t Get His Camera To Stay Upright—And We Feel For Him

We’ve all had bad days at work. We’ve all had days when our technology won’t cooperate and we end up beyond frustrated… but most of us don’t have those kinds of work days on camera. Most of us, though, aren’t UK-based reporter Ben Bason. Typically, when most people think of a reporter we think of … Continued


Woman’s Emotional Journey After Trying Kombucha For The First Time Is An Instant Classic

You ever taste something for the first time and it sends you on a journey through every human emotion, from “Oh hell no” to “Well now wait a minute…” and then back to “NO” before returning once again to “Hmm maybe?” A woman on TikTok documented this extremely relatable and specific experience and it’s blown … Continued


Rob Lowe Got Called Out By His Son After Posting A Sweaty Instagram Pic—And Then Things Got Weird

One of our collective fears as a generation should be what happens when we have children and our kids find our thirst traps and otherwise questionable pictures on social media. Rob Lowe, who basically began his career being shirtless and sweaty at all times, posted a very very sweaty picture of himself on his Instagram: … Continued


Drake Apparently Just Got A Tattoo Of Himself Walking In Front Of The Beatles For A Reason That Has The Internet Divided

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it” as the old adage says. And if there’s one person who has taken this advice DEEPLY to heart, it seems it’s Drake. After beating some records set by what is often called the most influential band of all time, The Beatles, Drake got a tattoo placing himself in the … Continued

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Anti-Vaxxer Mom Asks For Prayers After Her Husband Secretly Vaccinates Their Daughter—And Twitter Doesn’t Hold Back

There are sadly still many people in the world who believe the false conspiracy theories which claim vaccines are harmful to every child. On Twitter, one such woman named Lisa Bedrick posted a distraught status about how her husband went against her wishes and did the unthinkable: he got their children vaccinated! I have a … Continued


Some Guy Tried To Use Miley Cyrus As An Example Of Why You Should Never Date Bisexuals—And Halsey Shut Him All The Way Down

We regret to inform you that the straight men have been triggered yet again.  What’s got them in their feelings this time? Those pesky bisexuals. Specifically, the fact that they, like, exist. Specifically, in the form of one Miley Cyrus. You may have heard that Miley and her husband Liam are calling it quits after … Continued


Some Young Person Mistook The Save Icon In Microsoft Excel For Something Quite Different—And We Feel Old

The save icon in Microsoft Office has not changed in 20 years. Y’all remember this thing? It’s called a “floppy disk” for all my Gen Zers who were born after the flash drive had replaced it: When you are clearing old stuff and find your A-level work was saved to floppy disk! pic.twitter.com/PcEj6LGRJb — Steve … Continued


Kid Rock Just Tried To Drag Taylor Swift For Wanting ‘To Be A Democrat’ For The Most Bizarre Reason–And Twitter Dragged Him Right Back

On Friday, August 9, seemingly out of nowhere, musician Kid Rock decided to go on Twitter and attempt to drag pop sensation Taylor Swift for…being a Democrat? In his strange, slightly nonsensical tweet, Rock seemed to insinuate Swift was less than sincere in her political ideology because she wants to star in movies. Taylor Swift … Continued

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North Carolina Deputy Who Was Fired For Refusing To Train Women Due To ‘Billy Graham Rule’ Cries Religious Discrimination

A North Carolina Sheriff’s Deputy was recently fired for refusing to train a female officer. He is now suing the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, claiming his religious rights were violated. Manuel Torres, 51, is a Southern Baptist who follows the infamous “Billy Graham Rule,” a practice popularized by the late evangelical pastor which says married … Continued

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This Guy Who Helped Make A Marriage Proposal Extra Magical Is The Best Friend We All Deserve

When Charbel and Kristina got engaged, Charbel certainly knew he wanted to go all out on the ‘romantic’ aspect. Charbel (of Ontario, Canada), wanted to surprise Kristina, (also of Ontario) but he knew that was going to be a tough job. After being together for just over a decade, Charbel knew he would have to … Continued