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Guy Trolls Modern-Day Depictions Of Noah’s Ark Over A Common Glaring Issue In Genius Thread

It’s Pride Month, folx! There was never a better time to celebrate LGBTQ representation, and one Twitter user found a win for the LGBTQ community in a very unexpected place. Anthony Oliveira, AKA @meakoopa on Twitter, is “a writer, film programmer, pop culture critic, and PhD living in Toronto.” He uses his Twitter as an … Continued


You Know That ‘Friendship Tree’ Trump And Macron Planted Together? Yeah, She Dead.

LOL, Oops… In what simply must be the most hilariously symbolic thing to ever happen in the history of human existence, the “Friendship Tree” our Glorious Leader—President Donald Trump—and French President Emmanuel Macron planted is now just a pile of dead sticks being run through the wood chipper of time. Trump and Macron planted a … Continued


Someone Made A Ventriloquist Dummy Of Timotheé Chalamet—And It’s One Big NOPE

Timothee Chalamet is an undeniably stunning man with incredibly distinctive features. The actor’s chiseled jawline, luxurious mane, and almost feminine eyes would inspire pretty much any artist… we just really wish it didn’t inspire one artist in particular. One figure maker took the time to painstakingly craft a ventriloquist’s dummy in the likeness of Timothee … Continued

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A Weird Security Footage Video Of Something That Looks Like Dobby From ‘Harry Potter’ Has The Internet Uncomfortably LOLing

When you check security footage, you expect to see pretty much nothing.  Maybe the odd raccoon or a person walking by. What you don’t expect to see is a bipedal lanky creature with pointy ears walking erratically across the screen, right? A woman posted footage from her home camera of…something…and it’s a little stressful to … Continued

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That Horrifying Sorority Recruitment Video Just Went Viral All Over Again, And It’s Twitter’s Latest Meme Obsession

The most horrifying sorority video in the entire world, which first went viral in 2016, has gone viral again. There are so many scary moments. The ingenuine introductions.  The scary, soulless smiles. In case you need a refresher, here it is: it’s 2019 and there’s still no video more terrifying than this — malik … Continued


Hugh Grant Opens Up About The Reasons He Won’t Do Rom-Coms Anymore

When it comes to rom-coms, there’s a handful of undisputed queens of the genre–Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan are usually the first names to come to mind. But when it comes to kings? Well, there’s really only one guy who fits the bill: Hugh Grant. From his breakout in Four Weddings and a Funeral to iconic films … Continued


Some Taylor Swift Fans Just Noticed An Awkward Typo On Their Merchandise—And They’re Not Happy About It

Okay, dear readers, get out your notebooks and pencils, because today we have a cautionary lesson about DOING AT LEAST THE ABSOLUTE LEAST on any project before sending it out into the world. Our lesson comes via current queen of the world—wait no that’s Beyoncé… Princess? Princess of the world? Lady-in-waiting to the world? Whatever, … Continued

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Even Piers Morgan Called Trump Out For His Transgender Military Ban—And Trump’s Responses Were Complete Nonsense

During President Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom, he gave his only interview to longtime friend and conservative television personality Piers Morgan which aired Wednesday on Good Morning Britain. It seems even Morgan—normally an ardent supporter of President Trump—had questions about Trump’s tweet of support for LGBT people  given his widely criticized ban of transgender … Continued

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74-Year-Old Woman Is Airlifted After A Hiking Injury—And The Helicopter Literally Takes Her For A Spin

A 74-year-old woman was injured while hiking on Piestewa Peak in Phoenix, Arizona, and emergency services had to be called to airlift her to an area trauma center. However, the airlift process went a little awry when a cable that was supposed to prevent the woman’s stretcher from spinning disengaged and the woman was literally … Continued


Duchess Camilla Winking Behind Trump’s Back Is A Pure Mood—And Twitter Is Obsessed

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, became Twitter royalty after making a gesture that summed up everything about Donald Trump’s state visit to the U.K. with a smirk and a wink. On Monday, the president and First Lady Melania headed over to meet with Prince Charles and the Duchess for tea at their residence at Clarence … Continued


Chris Evans Has Seen Those Memes Of Him With Acrylic Nails And Weaves—And He Approves

If this doesn’t officially seal the deal on Chris Evans being the Best Hollywood Chris then I just don’t know what will! I don’t know about you, but memes are the only thing keeping me alive nowadays. Remember when the internet was just mostly fun instead of a non-stop horror show? Thankfully, there are still … Continued

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Trump’s Attempt To Discredit ‘Fake News’ That He Called Meghan Markle ‘Nasty’ Turns Into An Incredible Self-Own

Donald Trump called Meghan Markle “nasty” in an interview after he was alerted to her 2016 comment about threatening to move to Canada, where she worked at the time, if he became president. During an interview with The Sun in the Oval Office ahead of his state visit to London on Monday, Trump said about … Continued