Jim Carrey Just Shared His Portrait Of President Trump, And Some Don’t Like It

Comedian Jim Carrey happens to be a fairly prolific painter — when he’s not waxing philosophical on the red carpet — and he seems to have recently taken an interest in the Trump administration. On Thursday, March 29, the actor posted a photo of one of his works to Twitter. The new painting was a pretty unflattering portrait President Donald Trump, and Twitter is somewhat divided over Carrey’s new work.

This isn’t the first time Carrey’s paintings have focused in on the POTUS:

Carrey doesn’t seem to be a fan of President Trump:

Reactions to his most recent portrait are somewhat mixed:

Though it’s just a hobby, Carrey takes his work as a painter quite seriously:

He often tackles some pretty serious issues:

And he certainly seems to have the knack:

Carrey’s artistic talent and satirist soul will surely lead him down many controversial paths:

H/T – Twitter, Huffpost