Trump Tried To Attack Amazon On Twitter, And It Backfired Wonderfully

On Thursday, President Trump tweeted a scathing message about Amazon, whose CEO Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post:

The details of Trump’s claim are dubious at best, but the most absurd line has attracted a fair amount of attention on social media: the notion that Amazon uses the Postal Service as their “Delivery Boy (causing tremendous loss to the U.S.)”

People’s objections are pretty easy to understand, since being a “delivery boy” is the purpose of the Postal Service…

Here’s the Postal Service’s mission statement:

The Postal Service mission is to provide a reliable, efficient, trusted and affordable universal delivery service that connects people and helps businesses grow.

That seems to fit the bill!

Regarding that “tremendous loss,” the President is aware that Amazon pays postage like everyone else, right?

Some Twitter users suspect the President has ulterior motives…

And it’s not the first time he’s made incorrect statements about Amazon:

Here’s hoping someone gives the President a quick business lesson before he tweets about Amazon again!

H/T: Twitter, Indy100