Woman Shares Photo Of Worst Ad She’s Ever Seen, And Twitter Agrees 100%

Daily Beast writer Betsy Woodruff was traveling on the New York Metro when she encountered what might be one of the most perplexing advertisements of all time.

Woodruff tweeted her discovery:

Where to start when describing the ad? Perhaps the fedora-wearing man balancing on one foot while smiling maniacally? What is he doing? Is he high-fiving an invisible person? Is he thrown off by the metro’s lack of traffic? Is he just having the time of his life at the newly opened Metro Shop? 

We may never get answers but we have questions:

Then there’s the unfortunate choice of the phrase “nah, brah.”

And both of those issues ignore the fact that almost nobody asked for a Metro store…

The ad’s best feature is probably the jokes it’s generating on Twitter:

Who knows? Maybe the ad will help the D.C. Metro store become a huge success!

H/T – Twitter, Metro Store