Gay Couple Gets Drawn As Pokemon Trainers, And The Internet Collectively ‘Awww’ed’

Ryan La Sala’s boyfriend is the best. The reason? Well, La Sala, a graphic designer, YA fiction writer, and sometime Sailor Moon fan fiction writer would no doubt tell you it’s more than just the fact that his boyfriend, Sal D’Amico,“is one of those effortlessly-attractive-no-matter-what people.” 

He’d probably also tell you it’s more than just the super awesome gift D’Amico recently had commissioned and gave him for his birthday—though, the gift is pretty well the envy of every Pokémon fan in the Twitterverse.

At this point in time though, La Sala is torn—torn because there is seemingly no way he can top the gift he’s been given.  

When La Sala posted it to Twitter, people went nuts for it—for more than one reason. 

Some thought the couple was #RelationshipGoals:

Some got a bit…er, uh…emotional about it all…

Others commiserated, sharing Pokémon drawings of their own:

To La Sala’s delight, there were even Sailor Moon fans that came through, too:

But some only cared about the more controversial aspects of the artwork—like why the entire team was made up of ghosts and how could they even think of assembling a team like this without Gengar?!

La Sala eventually came up with a plan to top D’Amico, if only he can get the attention of Pokémon Composer, Director and Producer, Junichi Masuda: 

Let’s hope Masuda is as enamored of these two as we are—keep an eye out for La Sala and D’Amico hopefully soon-to-be training Pokémon near you.

H/T: Twitter