New Photo Of Trump White House Intern Class Has The Internet Understandably Upset

Once again the White House is taking heavy criticism for the lack of diversity among its interns. The administration released a photo Friday showing President Trump posing with the 2018 spring intern class, and like last summer’s White House intern program, the participants are overwhelmingly white. 

Here’s the photo:

People were understandably upset and took to Twitter to denounce the lack of diversity.

Political scientist and Washington Post columnist Brian Klaas just about summed it up:

As did France 24 correspondent Philip Crowther:

Rob Bennett from the NYC mayor’s office broke it down by percentages:

But there was also just a fair amount of outrage:

Many compared this class of interns with those from when Barack Obama was in office: 

A few people felt bad for the lone black intern in the crowd:

Again, this isn’t the first time Trump’s White House has come under fire for it’s lack of diversity among interns:

But Jason asked the question we’re all asking:

H/T: HuffPost, Twitter