Live TV Fail Proves That Even BBC Journalists Can Fall For April Fool’s Day Pranks

Sometimes even newscasters fall for fake news. That was the case for Babita Sharma and Roger Johnson on BBC Breakfast Sunday morning when they fell hook, line, and sinker for a spoof report from The Guardian about the emergence of Brexit emojis.

The article claimed that members of Parliament were speaking out against the use of “Brexit Bulldog” and “Starry Blue,” with the emojis representing the “Leave” and “Remain” camps, respectively. After a commercial break, Sharma and Johnson admitted to falling for the report upon notification that the name of the writer, Scherzo Primavera, means “Fool of Spring” in Italian.

Twitter pointed and laughed:

Others were more critical and took the opportunity to caution against fake news — especially on April Fools’ Day:

Regardless, the prank proves there can be just one mantra for April Fool’s Day: Trust. No one.

H/T: Twitter