Google Maps Just Added A Retro ‘Where’s Waldo’ Easter Egg For April Fool’s Day

Google is pretty well known for hidden “easter eggs” in their programs and celebrating April Fool’s Day with silly little nuggets. When April Fool’s Day and Easter landed on the same day, we all knew we were in for something fun.

Google did not disappoint. They hid a classic game inside Google Maps and gave users the option to play if they wanted:

If users opted to play, they would be taken to a different section on the map to get the party started. If not, they got their directions as usual. 

Yeah, it went pretty much how you’d expect. People wasted hours… but seemed to have fun! 

Of course, not everyone was excited about the game: 

If you’re bummed out that you missed it, don’t worry. Waldo will be hanging around for a while.

H/T: Twitter, Mashable