Man Loses Beloved Dog During Snowstorm, And Ultimately Discovers He Isn’t The Dog’s Only Owner

Kenneth Colson used to own a spaniel mix named Myko. Or so he thought.

It started on March 21 when Myko slipped out of Colson’s house during Winter Storm Toby. Colson immediately started looking for his missing dog. On March 23, he learned from a volunteer for an app called FindShadow that his pup had been found. Before he could get in touch with the police to get his dog back, however, he saw another article that Myko had already been reunited with its owner… and it wasn’t Colson.

Colson had first adopted Myko from a friend who told him that he was a rescue from an abusive home.

But People reported:

However, it turns out that the dog had previously belonged to a family living in Jamaica, Queens, and went missing after their 10-year-old son accidentally left their yard gate open. It was also revealed that the dog had been fitted with a microchip, which Colson told the outlet he knew nothing about, that listed the family’s address as the dog’s home.

When he heard this story, Olson decided to let the family keep the dog they had adopted when he was just a year old and named Jack. While we’re sure this was an emotionally painful decision, it’s wonderful that Jack got to be reunited with the family he first bonded with.

Jack’s original family was thrilled:

And according to them Jack didn’t escape through an open gate but was stolen from their yard:

These people clearly felt bad for Colson:

But others were thrilled for Jack’s original family:

We hope Colson gets visitation rights.

H/T: People, Twitter