Nintendo Support Will Apparently Even Help You With Your 30-Year-Old Gaming Console

Nathan Tolbert (@nathantolbert) was having a throwback gaming tournament with some friends when disaster struck. His Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which was originally released in 1990, gave out after decades of faithful service. On a lark Tolbert decided to call the support number on the back of the console. He wasn’t expecting much help since the SNES has long become obsolete, but Nintendo actually did their best to solve his problem!

Nintendo’s service is impressive, even if the troubleshooting ended up unsuccessful:

The question on everyone’s minds was… what game was Tolbert playing when the machine gave out?

Fortunately, Tolbert was handy enough to get the tournament back on track:

Twitter users were beyond impressed with Nintendo:

This support line really goes above and beyond…

Especially considering some of the less serious calls they receive…

Well done, Nintendo! Keep up the good work.

H/T – Twitter, Nintendo Support