Student’s Tweet About An AirDropped Meme Leads To An Oops Moment For Journalism

During a college lecture, Lizzy Smith (@elizwsmith) snuck out her phone for a quick peek at her text messages and social media. Once she began looking away from her professor’s lecture, however, she received an AirDrop that would have shocked anyone:

There are few things Twitter loves more than a good Office reference.

People couldn’t believe the professor’s meme game was so on point:

The fact that someone named their phone “Professor Donaldson’s iPhone” seemed odd:

Perhaps the professor had the meme cued up and ready to go? People wanted to believe it…

Before anyone got too excited, however, Lizzy stepped in to set the record straight:

But it was too late! The Daily Mail had already taken the story and run with it:

Lizzy, a journalism student, put Daily Mail on blast pretty quickly:

Fact checking is incredibly important:

If a story seems too good to be true, it probably is…

Maybe next time The Daily Mail will spend a little more time fact checking so they can avoid getting roasted by a college student. After all, this poor professor had no idea what was going on!

H/T – Twitter, Daily Mail