Sarah Sanders’ Reading Of A Kids’ Easter Story Has The Internet Cringing

Sarah Huckabee Sanders looked stone faced as she approached what we can only imagine was a hostile crowd. No, it wasn’t the White House press core, it was a group of children celebrating Easter. Still, one can’t be too sure when a question about collusion with Russia might get lobbed your way. No wonder the White House Press Secretary kept her guard up while reading the tale of Jesus and the resurrection. 

Before beginning the story, Sanders charmed the children and their parents by asking if they were going to the cookie station to load up on sugar before going home. After a resounding “yes!” from the crowd it was time to jam through the story of Jesus’ death (without actually mentioning he died) and his resurrection. 

Sanders delivery left a lot to be desired and Twitter was on hand to point it out. 

Janey Godley attempted to help Sanders by dubbing her voice with a Scottish accent and a different story. 

People couldn’t quite pinpoint what the reading reminded them of, but they tried. 

One Twitter user wondered what the story may have sounded like in Sanders own words. 

There was a lot of concern for how the children stayed awake. Ah! Maybe that’s why she was asking about the sugar.

SNL doesn’t even have to work for it. 

Quite a contrast to the joy in Obama’s White House.

H/T: Indy100