Snapchat Just Trolled Facebook Hard With A Savage Russian Bot Filter

Facebook and Snapchat have had a beef for a while now. Things kicked into high gear when Snapchat took a hard shot at Facebook on April Fool’s Day. 

Yes, we know exactly how that sounds, so we’ll back it up and start again. Snapchat accused Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, of outright stealing some of their most notable features, like those filters we all love and the entire concept of “stories.” We don’t know if we can legally call it “stealing” but… 

Someone certainly bit someone’s style.  

When April Fool’s Day came along the Snapchat powers that be decided to celebrate by doing what the internet does best: good old fashioned trolling. Snapchat threw some shade at Facebook’s current Russia scandal with the filter heard ’round the world. It frames the image to look like a Facebook page hacked by Russia, complete with faux-Cyrillic text and likes from “Your mom, a bot and 2 others.” 

Twitter kicked back, grabbed some popcorn, and enjoyed the show:

Hella shade, indeed. 

H/T: Twitter, Mashable