The Mind-Boggling ‘Condom-Snorting’ Challenge Seems To Be Making A Comeback

It seems YouTubers can’t wait to stick yet another inedible object into their bodies. Though the inexplicably viral Tide Pod Challenge (where YouTubers ate laundry detergent for unknown reasons) seems to be over, the internet is now seeing a resurgence of one of the past’s more unfortunate trends: the Condom Snorting Challenge. The challenge is as simple as it is disgusting: a YouTuber must snort a condom through his or her nose until it emerges from their mouth. If you think it’s disgusting, you’d be right, but that won’t stop vloggers in search of viral posts!

Twitter collectively rolled their eyes with their favorite GIFs:

The challenge dates back to 2007, though many videos have been removed from YouTube for violating their terms of service. Vlogger Savannah Strong went viral doing the challenge in 2013, and a different condom challenge became popular in 2015 when rumors circulated about girl who suffocated when a condom full of water was dropped on her head. Having heard that, a bunch of YouTubers had to try for themselves, though the story was later revealed as fake. 

It’s unclear why the Condom Snorting Challenge is making a resurgence. The Daily Dot mentions a San Antonio-based class for parents warning of the dangers of internet trends. The class was covered by several local news stations, and the story was then picked up by other outlets, inspiring many YouTubers to partake in the dangerous behavior the original class sought to prevent. The irony would be amusing if the challenge weren’t so disgusting. 

It’s also possible an older video of the challenge simply resurfaced and reminded vloggers that snorting condoms is always an option. How could they have forgotten?!


H/T – Mashable, The Daily Dot