Travel Survey Issues Apology For Asking Questions About Male Superiority And Immigration

Aeroplan, a Canadian travel rewards company, is apologizing to customers after putting out a survey with some rather controversial questions. Aeroplan sent members an email offering 100 bonus miles for completing a “shopping and life habits” survey, but the survey also included some provocative questions on topics such as male superiority, gay marriage, immigration, and family values. 

Alain Giguere, president of CROP, the company that conducted the survey, says the questions were only included to give Aeroplan a better understanding of their customers’ perspectives. Giguere stands by the questions, saying members were free to disagree with them. But in the aftermath of the data mining scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica many people were unhappy about the questions, not just for their content, but for their potential use in building political profiles of Aeroplan members.

Aeroplan quickly issued an apology and promised to delete the data collected in the survey.

Many customers felt the damage had already been done and an apology was too little too late. 

Some believed that, regardless of what the answers might be, simply asking the questions wasn’t wrong.

But others pointed out that including the questions could have negative repercussions. 

In the age of scandal it seems like the only real corporate value is “don’t get caught.”

H/T – Twitter, CBC