An Alarming Number Of Millennials Are Skeptical Of Earth’s Roundness, Study Finds

Conspiracies are a controversial topic, especially when it comes to one in particular – one that we were told as children, that dates back to thousands of years ago. Is the earth flat?

Despite science and advanced technology providing images of a spherical planet earth, some believe it to be a bunch of bologna, and instead subscribe to an alternate concept. It has gone from being a good laugh to receiving serious coverage from media around the world, er, I guess it also might be on the world. 

These people have to be kidding, right? Nope. Far from, actually. These theorists have formed their own group, The Flat Earth Society, where they discuss the supposed two-dimensional qualities of the planet in great detail. 

Now, a recent study is showing that more and more millennials are getting on board with the alternate concept of a flat earth, rather than a spherical one. Out of 8,215 adults polled in the United States, 34% of 18 to 24-year-olds weren’t entirely convinced that the earth was round. 

People can’t believe that this theory is seriously being entertained: 

Of course, older generations agreed with the statement without blinking. One man claiming that millennials accept most things without doing proper research:

Somehow this dude missed all of the rallies, protests, and marches organized by millennials?

But, are these claims accurate? Millennials don’t believe so. Some believe that this is a direct result of the media exploiting mindless theories like this one:

Considering the younger generation this could also be a form of trolling. Could it be possible that the bulk of those who made up the staggering 34% don’t actually believe in a flat earth? Absolutely.

But, is it also possible that some, if not all, of those young adults do believe in a flat earth? Yes, of course. 

Is the earth flat? Should this theory be given more credit, or dismissed entirely? Sound off the comments below!

H / T – Indy100