Fox News Guest Praises Book That Has Been Called A ‘Racist Fantasy’ Beloved By White Supremacists

Mark Steyn, a Canadian conservative political commentator, living in the United States has issues with America’s immigration policies.  Yeah, go figure. On Monday night, Steyn appeared as a guest on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show and proceeded to sing the praises Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints. It is a book the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) described as a “racist fantasy.” 

The book, published in 1973, is a French anti-immigration story that the SPLC has described as:

…the favorite racist fantasy of the anti-immigrant movement in the U.S. 

The group went on to add that the story was:

revered by American white supremacists.

Steyn, while speaking to Carlson, trotted out the idea of the book, which focuses on Europe being taken over by immigrants saying:

A lot of people on the left don’t like it, but it actually predicted what is happening before our eyes.

 This isn’t the first time the Canadian has attacked America’s immigration policy. In January Steyn appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to defend white supremacist over undocumented immigrants, saying:

The white supremacists are American citizens. The illegal immigrants are people who shouldn’t be here.

Rightfully so, people were horrified. 

H/T: Huffington Post