Helen Mirren Thinks Stunt People Should Get Oscars—And Twitter Agrees

Actress Dame Helen Mirren, has added action star to her long and distinguished career with roles in Red and The Fate of the Furious. Now she is campaigning for stunt persons to have their place at the Academy Awards. Speaking to UK site Female First, she said:

There really should be an Oscar for stunt work. These guys are incredible and they’re so careful and so professional. And they’re artists. They do amazing things.

Mirren had wanted to star in an action film for some time and says having an Oscar helped secure the roles. In 2007 Mirren won for The Queen. After the win she turned her focus on where the action is.

I put it out there and then I begged. That was one of the wonderful advantages of winning an Oscar. I got to be in action movies! [They] love having Oscar winners in their action movies. 

Since 1991, stunt coordinator, Jack Gill has petitioned the Academy to include stunt persons for the work they contribute to film, but so far it has not happened. In 2007 the SAG awards introduced an awards for stunt ensemble work in film and television.

Maybe now with Mirren onboard, the Academy will start paying attention. 

Twitter was onboard.

Is seems some people hadn’t thought about it before but now it makes sense. 

Awards weren’t the only thing on people’s minds, money was also a consideration.

A petition has been started. 

H/T: Indie Wire, Twitter Moments