Kathy Griffin On Being Abandoned By Hollywood: ‘Nobody Wanted To Hear A Word From Me’

Unless you live under a rock, you remember the infamous pictures that got Kathy Griffin fired from her New Year’s Eve CNN gig last year. You know the ones, where she’s holding the bloody head of what looks like a decapitated Donald Trump.

According to a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, losing the CNN gig wasn’t the extent of the fallout from the photoshoot. 

In fact, she claims that she was abandoned by much of Hollywood:

“Nobody wanted to hear a word from me. I was anathema to everything and everyone….People would call me and be supportive and then they’d say, ‘Can you not say publicly that I called you?’ Lots of people. ‘I’m being really supportive, don’t ever say I called you.’ I reached out to a few people where the subject line was, ‘Where the f— have you been?’ And people got defensive. I thought, okay, I’m on my own here.”

She told the story of one celebrity who was supportive, however:

“I got a call from Jim Carrey, who I don’t really know that well. He said, ‘Kathy, do you know how many comedians would give their right arm for this story? You are the most famous comedian in the world today. Use it.’ I was crying on the phone with Jim. ‘Jim, it’s over for me!’ Jim said, ‘Don’t apologize — lean in, use it.’”

As for the Twitterverse, many stood with Kathy:

Others, however, were…less than understanding…

Although Sheri makes a good point:

In the end, though, perhaps it’s Griffin who’s having the last laugh.

She just sold out two nights at Carnegie Hall in New York City and this week debuted as Kellyanne Conway on Comedy Central’s The President Show to rave reviews.

You can get a glimpse of her portrayal below:

H / T – Entertainment Weekly