Women Are Imagining How Bad Male Writers Would Describe Them—And The Results Are Priceless

On Sunday, podcast host Whit Reynolds (@whitneyarner) challenged her followers to describe themselves how they imagined a male author would see them. 

The results of which may not have been all that surprising— but they were pretty darn funny.

In July of last year, Babe.net posted something similar in a piece called A small collection of the times male authors had absolutely no idea how to write about women, it included samples of the kind of faux pas men make when writing for women—those examples weren’t too far off from the ideas brought forth by the women of Twitter. *Maybe we’ve all seen it a time or two before, heh?

Like this one from Julia Carpenter who provided us all with a stunning passage from John Updike to tickle our funny bone last July:

And while most women agreed that male writers are focusing WAY too much of their female characters’ page time describing just exactly how attractive and F-able they are—or not. 

It seemed some ladies used this little exercise as an opportunity for a little self-deprecation.

Unbeknownst to most who were participating in Reynolds’ experiment, Twitter user and YA novelist, Gwen Katz had just pointed out something similar a couple days earlier: a male writer who felt he’d definitively solved the whole men writing for women conundrum by offering up his own book as proof. 

The results, as expected, were hilarious:

Back on Reynolds’ thread, some responses were admittedly, MUCH funnier than others:

Then, the men weighed in…

H/T: Twitter