A Woman Just Got A Phone Call From An IRS Scammer—And She Played Along Like A Pro

We’ve all been there. Someone from some random, unknown number gives us a ring and then accuses us of committing some type of tax fraud. Which, at least for most of us, isn’t the case – especially considering a lot of the time these calls come in before tax season. So, what does that mean? It has to be another one of those annoying phone scams. 

Most people either hang up or scream, telling the scammer not to call again, and go about their day. But, one woman responded how we’ve all wanted to – except the difference is that she actually had the guts to follow through with it. 

Telemarketers often get a bad rep. Before sharing the phone thread with us she made a note that there is a difference between normal telemarketers and those who participate in phone scams regarding taxes and IRS.

Normal telemarketers are making a living like the rest of us. Annoying? Perhaps, but still fine and legal. However, phone scams like this one, people who accuse people of defaulting on taxes and collecting money over the phone from said scams are illegal. 

Someone of the latter group called @twittysuch and informed her that she had defaulted on her tax payments. 

What was her response? Pure gold. 

She shared the hilarious, embarrassing transcript on Twitter:

Serious accusations, right? She proceeded to totally school this phone scammer: 

Honestly, this woman is all of us. 

She finished them once and for all:

Bet these people won’t ever call her number again. Heck, this might’ve shut down their scam completely!

Needless to say she has since been appointed a real-life superhero:

She spilled scorching hot tea all over the place, and people of the internet are loving it:

There are a ton of different ways to handle one of these illegal scam calls:

You could also go the talking-to-a-terrible-ex route, as Lea did. Smart cookie, indeed.

But no one will ever handle it as well as @twittysuch did.

She is the level of over-it we should all aspire to be. 

H / T – Twitter