This Life Hack For Threading A Needle Is Blowing Minds All Over Twitter

How much time have you spent threading needles? For anyone who has sewed even one button or two on occasion, the answer is a lot. Getting a thread through the thinnest, tiniest hole on the face of the planet can take even sewing pros upward of an hour.

Ok, maybe not an hour, but it sure feels like it. Right? 

Well, what would you do if someone released a trick that will change the sewing game forever? One that, despite being so simple, no one has ever thought of? Someone has, and it is a gigantic time saver.

The secret isn’t in being able to be neat and precise. In fact, this hack goes against that method entirely. 

John Bick shared his newfound discovery with the world, changing the face of sewing as we know it:

How did anyone ever sew anything without this? It would take the same amount of time to thread the dang needle as it would to finish an entire project!

Who would ever think to do that? You mean we’ve been standing there, looking stupid as we attempt to thread the needle for minutes, hours even, for no good reason? Ridiculous. 

Everyone else was equally as impressed with his life-changing hack:

Like, what is this man doing that we aren’t? What type of water is he drinking? Does he have some sort of genius that none of us have been able to access yet?

So of course everyone and their mother, and their grandmother, are running off to give this a go:

While others grieve the decades they spent threading needles and going crosseyed:

Those are years that no one will ever get back. Glad we have evolved as a species now, but disappointed and sad for those who are affected most that it took this long. 

In conclusion, John Bick is a wizard. Must be, otherwise how else could anyone figure that out?

Now go thread some sewing needles, you crazy kiddos. 

H / T – Twitter