‘Marlon Bundo’ Author Just Received ’Ten Attagirls’ From 87-Year-Old Man ????❤️

Writer and comedian, Jill Twiss, probably never expected to get this kind of recognition for her children’s book,   A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo. The book was written as a counter-story to  Marlon Bundo’s: A Day in the Life of the Vice President, written by VP Mike Pence’s wife and daughter. 

Twiss’ story follows a fictional version of the Pence family bunny, Marlon Bundo, as he meets and falls in love with another bunny named Wesley. Twiss’ version of the story is about marriage equality directly opposing Pence’s views in favor of conversion therapy. The practice of trying to turn gay people straight is rejected by  medical and mental health organization for being dangerous and cruel.

After the completion of the book, television host, John Oliver, discussed the book on his show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and sales exploded. All profits are being donated to The Trevor Project and AIDS United.  

But the gift of Ten Attagirls is all for Twiss to keep.

Twiss posted to social media, a lovely certificate that was mailed to her from an 87-year-old man. 

On the certificate, the man bestows Twiss with “Ten Attagirls” for her contribution, “as a leader for equal rights for out nation’s homosexual community.

Twiss went on to point out her favorite parts. Including that the man made a tiny mistake in the bunny’s name. Which, really, only made it better.

Although the man made some errors on the award, he sent a another note along with a new award with corrections. 

People could not get enough of this most honored award. 

And yes, Twiss will be writing the man back.

The certificate was making everyone up their game. 

And the best part? Children love the book!

Could “attagirl” become a thing? This Twitter user thinks so.

Sometimes the internet really is a good place. Attagirl Twitter folks!

H/T: Twitter