Trump Supporter Charged With Terrorism After Telling Undercover FBI Agent About Muslim ‘Cleanse’ Plot

Patrick Stein dubbed himself the “Orkinman” — according to him Muslims were “cockroaches” and they needed to be exterminated. “They’re here for one reason and one reason only,” Stein said, believing that the Muslim takeover was about to begin. Stein however was confiding in Brian, an undercover FBI agent posing as an arms dealer. 

After their initial meeting Stein and Brian began exchanging encrypted text messages, where Stein opened up, expressing his hate for Muslims and support for Donald Trump, he’s “the Man” Stein said.  

Stein’s plan was to attack a group of Somali refugees living in an apartment complex in Garden City, Kansas, and he wanted to know if Brian could get him No. 8 blasting caps, ones they could “detonate with a cellphone-type deal.” Fortunately Stein never got that far. 

Today, Stein along with Gavin Wright and Curtis Allen are on trial for their alleged attempted terrorist plot.

Few on Twitter were surprised that Stein was a Trump supporter. 

And many felt that Trump’s often incendiary rhetoric has emboldened white supremacists across the country.   

There were soon calls for President Trump and GOP Leadership to begin addressing what many feel is a growing problem.   

While there are those who support President Trump, for others, plots like Stein’s are part of a new and worrying trend. 

H/T – HuffPost