Gus Kenworthy Tweeted His Out Magazine Cover With Adam Rippon, And The Internet Loves It

When Adam Rippon met Gus Kenworthy—“It was like sparks flying,” at least according to what Kenworthy says in the most recent issue of Out Magazine. But the two medaled Olympians aren’t sharing a meet-cute epic love story—instead it’s the story of two history making BFFs and how they supported one another at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang

Rippon, a bronze medal winning figure skater with a flashy flair for fashion and a sassy attitude became the first openly gay American to take home a medal at the Winter Olympics and Kenworthy, a freestyle skier who made headlines for taking home a silver at the Sochi games in 2014 and for sharing a kiss with his boyfriend, Reality Star Matthew Wilkas, before his qualifying run at the 2018 Winter Olympics, bonded quickly. 

As they told Out:

  We met, and hugged, and vented about our accommodation, and talked about the people on our team, and ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ and then suddenly we were best friends.

And making the cover of Out Magazine was big news for Rippon and Kenworthy, who wanted to share their story—and their photo shoot—with Twitter:

Fans understandably wanted to help them celebrate their awesome cover and their adorable friendship:

Of course, there were those admirers who were appreciating the Olympians’…other assets:

All fun aside, it’s important to remember the obstacles these two have faced and overcome to get where they are today—obstacles that many other LGBTQ people face every day as well. 

Fans thanked Rippon and Kenworthy for sharing their stories so transparently and for all they’ve done to help others advance on the path to acceptance:

H/T: Twitter