Lin-Manuel Miranda Just Shared Photos Of Actual Poems He Wrote As A Kid

If Lin-Manuel Miranda’s younger self knew how brutal his older self was going to be, he may have buried his secrets a bit better. Miranda has been delighting fans for some time by outing his young self with old musings and bad poetry. This week he did it again. The Tony-winning creator of Hamilton dug through some memorabilia and shared it in a series of tweets.

The poems weren’t all. Miranda took us on a trip down memory lane, Twitter style:

Camp looks like it was hell. Either that or young Miranda had a flair for drama…

Krusty is coming, Krusty is coming…


There wasn’t much doubt about what path he was forging:

As if it couldn’t get any better, Miranda’s abuela popped in with a “take care” tweet:

Fans reveled in all the glorious embarrassment:

This is why we love Miranda so much:

H/T: Twitter