Man Arrested For Keeping His Mother’s Body In A Freezer For Three Years

Subhabrata Majumdar’s mother Bina Majumdar but the son never had a funeral for her. Instead he kept her body mummified in a freezer. Apparently the reason for keeping his deceased mother was to continue to collect her pension using her thumb impression. The pension converts to around $770.00 U.S.

Neighbors knew of the woman’s passing but were never given details about a funeral. When they inquired about it one neighbor said:

He had told us that time that his mother’s body had been kept at Peace Haven. 

Subhabrata’s father Gopal Majumdar, a retired government employee was aware of what his son was up to, and passively went along with it. The body was preserved using a mixture of chemicals. The smell is what eventually led neighbors to call the police. 

Subhabrata Majumdar was arrested and his father was brought in for questioning but allowed to return home. 

Some wondered if India’s massive poverty rate led the man to do it. 

Other were calling BS. That is was pure greed and not a condition of poverty.