Man Shares Extremely Questionable GIF Of Gandalf From Classic ‘Hobbit’ Cartoon

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, it’s common knowledge that Gandalf the Grey is a fan of the Longbottom Leaf, which he merrily smokes with Bilbo before his 111th birthday. As a wizard, Gandalf has powers beyond the comprehension of most mortals, including the ability to appear whenever Bilbo breaks out his smoking pipes. 

A Twitter user shared a GIF of the 1977 cartoon adaption of The Hobbit and it looks like Gandalf is visiting Bag End for one reason…

Twitter stepped up their joke game in honor of the quality GIF:

Some people brought their own reaction GIFs to the table…

Gandalf is also a fan of “Old Toby” in Peter Jackson’s adaption of the books:

Though there was some argument as to whether Jackson pushed it far enough:

They ought to run a PSA in the Shire:

Many Twitter users claimed to have a similar power:

Gandalf approves!

If Gandalf could have shared some Longbottom Leaf with the Balrog, things might have turned out differently…

H/T: Twitter, YouTube